Cassidy is Our Learning Place

Mission and Vision Statement:

Kings, Queens, and Non-Binary Royalty,

In our noble Kingdom, we unite under an unwavering commitment to elevate student achievement, advancing safe, inclusive, and global citizenship. Our focus is steadfast, driving us to become known as one of the best K-8 schools in the great city of Philadelphia, aligned with the overarching goal of the School District of Philadelphia to be the fastest-improving urban school district in the nation. We passionately center our efforts on:

Talent Development


Student Voice

Our mission is to equip Cassidy‚Äôs K-8 student’s with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate paths of SDP Career Technical Education and College Readiness, empowering them to craft their desired lifestyles through entrepreneurship and gainful employment.

Embodying our Kingdom’s vision in the acronym “ROAR,” we pledge to:

R – Rally together to recruit, develop, and retain exceptional staff, students, and parents, forging a collective path to Cassidy’s success and nurturing our renowned brand. Through these endeavors, we propel ourselves to be recognized as one of the best K-8 schools in Philadelphia.

O – Resolute, we endeavor to overcome trauma, offering education and empowerment anchored in discipline, intentionality, innovative solutions, and unwavering support, addressing the intricate social-emotional needs of our staff, students, and parents. This journey aligns seamlessly with our commitment to the overarching goal of the School District of Philadelphia.

A – With accountability as our compass, we honor our inner aspirations, our families, and our communities. We envision the lives we wish to lead and meticulously plan our path backward from that vision, anchoring ourselves in our shared commitment to safe, inclusive, and global citizenship.

R – Grounded in reflection and fortified by intentional collaboration, we seek to remediate and accelerate the learning journey of students, staff, and parents alike through the dynamic avenues of small-group instruction, amplifying student voices, and fostering active parent engagement, all in alignment with the transformative goals of the School District of Philadelphia.